Security Monitoring

Security Monitoring

Optimizing the decision making process by collecting, distributing and visualizing the available data at the right time in the right format

Security and surveillance has become a main focus point for many enterprises and organizations. Because every security issue is a potential threat to the day-to-day-operations, they need to be avoided or detected at an early stage. Security operations centers (SOCs) are therefore becoming increasingly important.

Optimum has the latest technology in Control Rooms Videowalls. This makes us on the top of manufacturers that offer all of the dominant control room video wall technologies. This enables us to answer all application needs with the perfect solution – without being restricted to the portfolio. Security operations centers typically display maps and floor-plans, live camera footage, and social media feeds. This requires a very flexible and versatile control room solutions. At Optimum we have exactly what you need in our product range.

Feature Summary

  • Display your information as clear, crisp, vivid HD video images
  • Quality construction
  • Video wall only 8” deep including mount
  • Scalable, we can create a video wall to meet your space requirements
  • Easy to operate with our digital signage software suite
  • Mount to any wall or floor or make it portable
  • Onsite installation and training
  • Superior service and support
  • Each video wall is color balanced in our shop prior to shipment
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