The interactive floor is a compelling product in the field of digital technology that has caught the world’s attention making use of advanced computer and projection technology. It’s simply a clever twist to a regular projector but positioned to face the floor. Infrared lights and cameras are installed on the ceiling to capture the movement on the projected area so when a person moves on the projection, the floor projections interacts and responds to the motion and alters shape and graphics to make the floor interactive for the user.

The result is captivating and vivid special effects and multimedia content onto the floor surface allowing kinesthetic and sensory learning interactions that can be used in digital gaming arenas, sports fields, advertising houses, learning software and story applications in schools. The interactive floors support multiplayer game and learning experience as well. The experience is nothing short of memorable.

It incorporates the use of specialist software and motion camera technology whereby the interactive floor responds to the slightest movement. Once you step onto one of these virtual captivating floors and watch them respond cleverly to your movements, it empowers you and puts you in control of a spectacular real-time audio-visual multimedia display.

No matter what your age, you can’t help but be entranced as you interact with the realistic images of characters projected on the floor. In case of children it’s an ideal amalgamation of digital and physical play, helping keep the mind alert at all times and heightening all five senses.

The popularity of interactive floors is its adaptability to local markets and services, easy operability and that it manages to get ultimate customer engagement. To choose from our interactive floor display projection products in Pakistan, visit the Optimum Technology website and treat yourself to an enhanced digital experience.