The maturity level of this digital generation in terms of technology is way higher than one can think of. This advancement has led to people trying to incorporate technology into the ways of marketing. Promoting one’s business through visuals that appear larger than life has become a norm of marketing. How so? Video walls are your answer.

Video walls are the type of installations used in every industry because of this technology is incredibly efficient and durable. Optimum technology has potent video wall solutions in store for each distinct business. These video walls possess a diverse range of displays with varying matrix, brightness, grade, contrast, panels, resolutions, aspect ratio, sizes, technologies, and orientation.

Optimum technology excels in providing customized video wall solutions backed up with high definition resolution and the ultra-narrow bezels. They offer two different sorts of video walls:

SMD LED Video WallSMD LED is Surface Mounted Device Light Emitting Diode. With its seamless image, scalability to any size and transformation into any shape and excellent optical characteristics Optimum SMD LED solutions to meet the needs of all requirements. For Indoor, Outdoor & Semi-outdoor usage with display technology that enables wide viewing angles and great uniformity even at short viewing distances.

LCD Video Wall: State-of-the-art mechanical design ensures maximum reliability and minimum time to repair. Optimum LCD video walls are engineered with technologies that offer perfect video display and PC data performance over the entire display regardless of size, shape or resolution.

Optimum technology is privileged to be working with many internationally renowned companies including Philips and Samsung. This leads to Optimum technology’s video wall solution providing your business with an incredibly efficient application for the high-impact visuals.