magine standing in the drive-thru of McDonald’s 10 years earlier for a breakfast meal, you see the employee flipping the menu manually over to lunch a little later than the time of menu change over, so now you cannot have your breakfast meal and it’s not even your fault.

Digital Menu Boards eliminate the need to manually flip menus or any other manual work regarding the menu display. McDonald’s being an honorable client of Optimum Technology avails the progressive digital menu boards to attract customers and ease its manual workload.

These Digital Menu Boards adapt the menu offerings spontaneously at different times of the day changing according to what the time is. These board systems can also be customized to exhibit your best seller dishes while sustaining branding consistency across multi-location franchises.

McDonald’s use these Digital Menu Boards to entertain its customers. These displays outside McDonald’s doubtlessly evoke more customers rather than a menu inside a glass frame. These Digital Menu Boards by Optimum Technology make the menus come to life and saves on hard costs. These enable to instantly modernize content for last-minute product changes.

With the digital signage provided by Optimum Technology, McDonald’s is enhancing and attracting new customers’ everyday cutting the costs down the road as well. Improve your customer’s experience by deploying menu boards by Optimum Technology.