Bill Gates once said, “the best teacher is interactive.” Keeping that in mind it’s safe to say that modern-day technology could prove to be a great teacher for the marketing world. Teaching and making people learn about one’s new marketing techniques through technology is an amazing alternative.

The technology in the modern world has come a long way; it doesn’t stick to large projector screens and LED TVs. We are talking about bringing life to walls and floors with cool technology; we are talking about turning treadmills into scenic locations to run on, we are talking about bringing the virtual world and real-world together.

This evolution in the tech world is known as Interactive solutionsOptimum Technology offers you 4 different Interactive solutions that leave the audience mesmerized and interactively engaged. These 4 solutions are:

Interactive Floors: this tech creates interactive projections that can turn any floor into a type of interactive surface that people can engage with. Infrared lights and cameras are installed on the ceiling to generate interactive projections on the floor and to catch the movement one make on the floor. These interactive projections enable multiple people to interact in any kind of floor. They are usually used in gaming arenas sports field and advertising houses.

Interactive Walls: this is a simpler and much easier way for a retailer to display and increase sales. Similar to Interactive floor projections, these projections turn walls into more engaging surfaces.

Virtual Runners: this allows you to turn your treadmill into a running route or a scenic location so that it gives you the motivation and relaxation your mind needs. High Definition video makes it easier for you to control the running pace manually.

Virtual Reality: the use of computer technology to create a simulated environment is what happens here. Leaving the traditional user interfaces behind, this enables the user to be inside the experience. It stimulates the senses and takes you on a ride through the 3D world.

In the marketing community, all of these Interactive solutions prove to be a great generation of sale as it boosts the show one wants to put on and attracts a large audience. Even though technology can be tough to learn sometimes, these Interactive solutions make technological advancements easier to be learnt and it makes learning fun as well. Find out more about the Interactive solutions and other products