Technology has taken up a high pace with the advances in science. In this fast moving world, where a computer is given priority over humans in most day-to-day tasks, an era where robots rule the world is quite likely. These early signs of every manual method being replaced by computers are evident from Optimum’s new mirror display technology that has not only rapidly replaced the use of traditional mirrors in a lot of firms and companies, but also standardized them. In a “smart” world, where books have been replaced by eBooks, typewriters replaced by touch screen keyboards, maps replaced by an efficient GPS system and a thousand more to name, it was only inevitable that mirrors become “smart” too.

The mirror display screens are really just digital mirrors that work as both: a mirror (when switched off) as well as an LED screen (when turned on). It is designed in such a way that one does not even realize they are looking at themselves in a mirror, which also holds the capability of showing them their favorite TV show. Optimum’s digital mirrors are nothing short of a triumph in the technology world and are an excellent manner of space utilization.

This screen of magic has completely changed the face of fashion show industries where digital mirrors, coupled with video walls, display the models on the ramp walk from every angle and help the audience get a clearer view of every detail of the outfit.
Fashion stores such as Outfitters use these digital mirrors as Video walls to advertise their products in an attractive presentation that comprises of captivating images and video slideshows that help their consumers better understand the quality and optimization that the brand has to offer.

For example, let’s say you are looking at your gorgeous reflection in a perfectly fine looking mirror when suddenly, a video pops up in front of you, completely dissolving your own reflection, and you are super appalled by an intelligent display of products in a manner that you’ve never seen before, wouldn’t you be tempted to check out the store that so lavishly introduces their items to you? That’s how big fashion companies use such grand gestures to draw their consumer’s interest, and wouldn’t you say they end up being successful? All thanks to this mirror display technology that is truly a revolution in the advertisement world!
Do you want to make a statement too with your brand? Do you want a huge crowd squirming through your front doors to lay hands on your best selling fashion item? With Optimum’s premium mirror display technology, you can finally make your dreams come true!