With safety being the key word as businesses resume, there are all possible efforts to incorporate minimum person-to-person interaction and replace it with safe technology. Be it in malls, airports, banks or other public places, the multi-touch digital kiosks available at Optimum Technology are large format portable touch screens that can easily be placed into any environment. These kiosks allow visitors to places orders, get information, interact with a website, a game or any interactive software designed to communicate a message. 

Self-Order Kiosks
With the welcome opening of eateries around the country, the Self Order Kiosk is the perfect way for customers to visit, place an order themselves and enjoy their meal in safety. 

This high value, point of sale hardware solution allows for no contact with the serving staff and that is the reason why several hotels, fast food places and food courts have begun to utilize the digital kiosk. These self-order kiosks enable the customer to pay by themselves via the POS machines, and print their receipt. This has proved to be a win-win solution for commercial eateries as it requires lesser waiters and provides a safe, non-crowded environment for customers. 

Interactive Digital Touch Kiosks
In places where there is maximum footfall Optimum’s Interactive Digital Signage Touch Kiosk is designed to provide access to information, entertainment and commerce applications. The touch kiosks made of toughened glass are durable enough for public places and come with complete with HDMI / VGA connections allowing you to connect to any PC or Laptop. The integrated multi-touch makes any content touch-capable and the integrated timer allows you to assign daily or weekly schedules automatically powering down the kiosk when not in use. 

Be it information in a commercial building or exhibition or instructions in a public space, these interactive digital touch kiosks available in Pakistan at Optimum Technology allows audiences an opportunity to view and engage with chosen information or content and assisting with communicating a brand message. It’s a satisfying experience for the visitor and aesthetically pleasing in an interior. Optimum also helps clients brand their kiosks with the company logo and colour theme as part of the display. 

Visit the Optimum Technology website a leading name in digital signage in Pakistan – for an impressive range of digital touch kiosks that will help your business leap to yet another level and adapt marvelously to the safer ‘new normal’ that we all must support.