LEDs are used for a lot of different lighting applications. They are mainly created to produce a certain amount of light from a small form factor while maintaining optimum efficiency. There is a huge varirty of LEDs created for different purposes and lighting applications and a lot of companies are more than willing to offer you these LEDs at the best prices such as Optimum. Nevertheless, there are still many people who do not know what exactly is an LED and what its use is.

What exactly is an LED?
LED also known as a light emitting diode is a type of diode that changes electrical energy into light energy. You may be thinking about what is a diode. A diode is an electrical component that works in a single direction. An LED works in such a way that when electricity flows through in one direction, from the positive side to the negative side, the LED emits light. Moreover, LEDs are very tiny just like tiny bulbs that require less power compared to other types of bulbs to light up. Not only that but they are also quite efficient.

Different types of LED

  1. SMD LED
    SMD LED also known as surface-mount device, a light emitting diode is a type of LED that is known for having a 3 in 1 encapsulation which means that it has all 3 colors such as red, blue, and green in just a single system. Furthermore, the polarization method is used to assemble the circuit inside the LED. SMD LEDs have a shape of a rectangle and contain three cells. All of these three cells contain a semiconductor crystal which is also known as a luminescent element which is quite essential for producing light when electricity is passed through it. However, these SMD cells need some kind of protection. Resins are used to protect these cells by covering the upper part of the cells.As of 2021, SMD LEDs are the most popular and most used type of LED in the world. Since every other manufacturer has started supplying SMD LEDs, the price of these LEDs has decreased over time which makes it more popular because it is comparatively cheaper compared to other types of LEDs. SMD LEDs are mostly used in indoor LED screens, LED banners, LED signs, and lettering. All of these are used for shops and shop windows. If you are curious about the price of the LEDs, SMD led screen price in Pakistan starts from 85,000 rupees. Furthermore, a lot of shops have been facing problems related to digital signage solution. Using LED screens that use SMD LEDs might be one of the solutions of Digital signage solutions in Pakistan
  2. High power LED
    Just like the name suggests High power LEDs have higher power as well as brightness. However, they are more expensive than other types of LEDs. Normally, the current flowing through a normal type of LED such as SMD LED is 20Ma. Any LED that has a current flowing through it that is more than 20mA can be called a high-power LED. Furthermore, these high-power LEDs are used in automobile lights, lighting fixtures, and flashlights.

The benefits of using LEDs

  1. Benefits of using SMD LEDs
  • It has smaller, more compact products.
  • They are easier and quicker to make.
  • They are quite versatile.
  • They use 20 percent less energy than other types of LEDs.
  • They can save you a lot of money in the long term as they can last almost 50,000 hours.
  1. Benefits of using high power LEDs
  • It offers higher brightness levels compared to other types of LEDs.
  • Similar to the SMD LED, this also has a long-lasting life.
  • Although they are more expensive than other types of LEDs, they save you money in the long term because of their longer life.
  • They are environmentally friendly.

After reading this article, you not only know the benefits of using both SMD and High power LEDs but you also know what is the SMD led screen price in Pakistan and the Digital signage solutions in Pakistan. However, if you still have any doubts, you can check the website, Optimum