Digital screens and displays are playing an important role in today and in today’s world of technology making human
life easier by providing upper class efficiency with improved quality of work helping in growth of work’s
roots at a considerably faster pace. Multi touch tables are like other touchscreen kiosks but their
function is not limited. They provide users with quick access to all the information and allows them to
exchange information quickly.

Uses of multi-touch tables at different places:

Multi touch tables can be used by several people at once. Touch tables improve the work environment
allowing people to coordinate and function at the same time. These tables are mostly installed in offices
and similar other workplaces they are also used for entertainment and educating purposes for children
at homes and even at learning places and competitions.


Multi touch tables in offices can synchronously occupy small groups of people. They prove to be efficient
in office’s work and are used to explain work tactics to other co-workers and people. They can view
documents; also, the geographers use touch tables to edit maps; the expert can easily edit everything on
his table.

In competitions:

Table kiosks are used in the world's biggest competitions where the competitions are based on brain
games like vocabulary and games requiring contrary moves. They allow them to coordinate and
exchange information quickly.

At learning places:

In the field of education multi touch interfaces have gained major attention for being an easy and
efficient source of collaborative learning. They’re used for learning purposes in schools making it simpler
for the students to use technology without having other output devices to interrupt. Things are just one
touch away from students and multiple students can work on projects on a single touch table.


Touch table kiosks are also used for entertainment purposes like playing games and accessing other
information with four to five people using one screen therefore they are also installed in homes in a
place where children might study or enjoy after studies or want to play games or watch movies.
Types of touch tables available at optimum technology:
Optimum technology provides you with options of coloured, classical and designer touch table series
with alluring features in each one of them. You can select your desired type of series from the options
available on our site.

Classical series:

Classical series provides you with unique designs that suit your house's interior. Many designs and
colours are available in classic series to meet your needs. Classical table kiosks are available with
brightness up to 700 units that can operate 24/7 with built in speakers as well and customization is
available for colour shape and material.

Coloured series:

Coloured series with appealing designs for children are available to fit their needs. You can get your
custom design, shape and material.

Designer series:

Digital designer series used in lavish places is available at optimum technology. The designs available on
the website are fancy and captivating that will keep up with the interior’s requirements.

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