Humans haven’t yet figured out time travel or teleportation yet but one thing they have become experts in is creating illusions; I mean you can’t time travel or teleport but they can make you think that you can. If you’re still confused on how they do that let me take you to the answer the easiest way, ever heard of green screens?

Content creators, YouTubers, film directors, professional photographers and various different professionals absolutely adore the idea of having to just invest in a screen which eliminates the need to go to different locations or have expensive sets.

Invention is what makes everything better and innovations to these inventions are what is taking them to another level which means to take the green screen magic to another level there must be something right? Optimum Technology introduces you to the premium alternative solution to the green screen.

The Wall Series’ by Optimum Technology is a video wall solution that easily fits as an innovative alternative to the green screen; something that transforms content creation to bring every detail, each movement, and each scene alive. Optimum Technology introduces in video wall solutions Pakistan has been awaiting with advancement like no other, visuals like no other, content like no other.

With the top tier Samsung quality the two IW008J and IW008R LED signage to come in two different weights 11.5 and 12.5, both with 960×540 resolutions and 10,000 nits’ brightness. To put it in the right words Optimum Technology brings a magical experience for the eyes of believers with ‘The Wall Series’ that includes IW008J and IW008R.

Get ready to experience magical visionary content and digital signage that replace green screens as smoothly as butter. Pick your pick from ‘The Wall Series’ at and experience some exemplary video wall solutions Pakistan is finally experiencing; all credits to Optimum Technology.