A fashion apparel brand doesn’t only depend on the kind of apparel it puts out but also how they market their clothing line and also how they present it in their stores. The ambiance and in-store marketing may not be considered so but is one of the most crucial parts of retail brand marketing.

Around a few years back static posters and printed billboards did the marketing job well but in the modern-day with technology taking over static posters and billboards don’t do any good to the image of the apparel brand.

It is a known rule that to keep up with the evolving world while maintaining relevance, it is necessary to know where to include technological involvement in your business. Hence when it comes to retail apparel branding and marketing, using technology and digital signage solutions never go wrong.

Optimum Collaborating with Khaadi

The best reference to support this statement is the innovative collaboration between Khaadi and Optimum Technology. We took on the very challenge to digitalize the experience hub for Khaadi while keeping them relevant, customer-friendly, and attractive.

From concept discussions to actual digitalization of the entire Experience hub, Optimum technology kept in mind the very image of Khaadi in Pakistan and amongst the mind of their customers.  With this motive in mind, Optimum opted for brand new digital signage options Pakistan possesses for Khaadi.

To showcase the true Khaadi spirit Optimum Technology chose SMD LED video walls along with 43rd multi-touch display Samsung and 55th LED display Philips, all extremely efficient with sharp displays, very up-to-date gadgets but not something that would overwhelm potential customers. SMD LED video walls by Optimum brought a broader viewing angle, bright and balanced lighting distribution, and high contrast ratio to Khaadi’s experience hub.

SMD LED Video Wall

With Optimum’s state-of-the-art digital signage solutions Pakistan observes and appreciates the much-digitalized look of Khaadi.

You too could make your apparel branding digitalized, relevant and eye-catching using digital signage solutions such as 43rd multi-touch display Samsung, 55th LED display Philips, and the star of the show; SMD LED Videowalls. All you need to do is enter the Optimum Technology world by clicking on https://www.optimum.com.pk/.