Ramadan is the time of the year when you love to eat a variety of food, also want to invite your family and friends for iftar. It is not always easy to cook at home so the other option for you is to go out to eat at your favourite restaurant. But when you go out, you are simply lost—what to order? Then you get that conventional menu card in which you flip pages to see what that restaurant offers. In this fast age, we want everything easily accessible, and that is the requirement of this hi-tech age. Hence, the need for Digital Menu Boards.If you are a restaurant owner, for you these boards are up-to-date and a modern answer to the dilemma of the past of how to efficiently and economically inform the clients about the food and other things you offer at your restaurant. Stationary signs might have been convenient for you for a long time now, but it’s high time to upgrade your customer service and engagement by adopting the marketing strategies of the 21st century. Save time and money, and be hassle-free—changing the menu boards physically on a regular basis is a tiring thing to do.
The future of the restaurant is bright if you step into the 21st century. Just like everything else, restaurant franchising and ownership are also becoming digital. Digital Menu Boards are not only making life easier for you, but customers also respond better to them. They feel more engaged by the advanced graphics, changing texts and moving images. Thus, it is easier for the customer to decide what item they want to order.
Here are a few important reasons why you should switch to digital menu boards this Ramadan:

Digital Menu Boards Are More Appealing:
Digital Menu Boards are not like those boring static signs or handwritten boards menu. These modern boards display your menu with spectacular animations and vivid designs. These animations can be anything to stimulate your customers’ appetite, for example, food images and videos, all of which can help them place orders quickly. These visually enticing menu boards are effective at drawing hungry customers after Iftar or sehri time.
Modern customers believe in visual appeal and they typically eat with their eyes first. So, if you have a drive-thru option, it’s best to have an attractive digital menu board at your restaurant location to capture the attention of hungry passersby.

Digital Menu Boards Engage Customers:
It is no longer a difficult task to update your menu if you have a new menu item or feature that you need promotion. Digital Menu Boards have this amazing feature that they can be automatically updated—there is simply no need to change the whole menu scheme or try to squeeze a new item into the list, so you can add any new product without disturbing anything.
Upon seeing the menu board adding new items, customers will immediately become interested enough to either try to find out about it or order it right away. Scheduling specific promotional items to appear on the screen in advance and making updates at the last minute, changes and edits can be done in a snap.
With minimal effort, this can work as a great marketing strategy for your business. Optimum Technology does an amazing job at enhancing images digitally, this has the power to pique the interest of the customers and engage them.

Always at the Right Timing:

This Ramadan makes sure your digital menu board ensures that your campaigns begin and end at the right time. This way, you can ensure that a new product that you are launching this Ramadan reaches your target audience right on time. You should not waste time and money on printing materials for promotion and deals. The simplest of all is to make the menu changes via an online platform, and these changes will automatically appear on your digital menu boards without any wait.
Optimum Technology specializes in exquisite customized state-of-the-art digital menu boards. You name it and we have it, is our style—from dust and waterproof capabilities to infrared lighting and sunlight readability, we can incorporate any feature as per your requirement on your Digital Menu Board. For dynamic digital signage products and your customization options, we will satisfy you beyond your expectations.

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