You might have almost guessed it by the name itself. A self-order touch screen kiosk gives the guest or customer the power to order and pat by themselves. It is almost like a sophisticated vending machine but for meals.

This technological device usually consists of a touchscreen, along with a digital interface that is extremely convenient to use. Touch screen kiosks will present the restaurants’ menu and will pave the way for the ordering process.  It includes how to order, the payment procedure, and the pickup system. In today’s realm, technology has become so dominant over the traditional systems that it has literally made life much easier than we could ever imagine. As the client decides their order, the kiosk can even display several promotional advertisements. Also, menu modifiers that otherwise the customer would have no idea about.

touch screen kiosk

Why Is Touch Screen Kiosk On The Rise?

Self-ordering kiosks are not a brand new thing available in the market. Prior to the global pandemic, well-known restaurant brands had already commenced the use of this magical product and instantly found success with the technology. There are several restaurants that experienced an increment of 5 to 6% lift in sales after the use of self-ordering kiosks. From 5-6% to 20% increment in the sales of restaurants have been witnessed through the extraordinary machinery.

The main reason for the boost in sales is majorly because of the changed behavior of the customers. During the lockdown when all the restaurants were shut for dine-in, people got so used to online ordering, that automatically the expectations for the same level of control, choice, and personalization got activated when they started to visit the restaurant again.  This touch screen kiosk is built with an intention to provide faster and better service to the customers. This technology will make orders which are perfectly positioned to meet customers’ satisfaction and expectations.

Whilst the restaurant were already planning to incorporate self-ordering kiosks in their business, the COVID-19 made it clearer for them. Mostly because of the benefits it comes with. Self-ordering kiosks help customers to maintain social distance because they order their meal, do the payment and finally pick the meal all by themselves without conversing with the staff members or their fellow customers. This Ramadan, invest in high-quality self-ordering kiosks which are strong, sturdy, and highly durable. To make your task easier we, OPTIMUM TECHNOLOGY, offer you self-ordering kiosks which are unique in their own way. We have enlisted several benefits that premium technology has and why is it crucial to merge these within your restaurants:

Increased Check Sizes

Probably the biggest advantage of a self-ordering kiosk is the outcome of average check sizes. Instead of depending on your staff members to have track of your high margin and pricey add-ons, our self-ordering kiosks can do it for you. While it can display promotional advertisements to customers. It also includes strategic upsell tactics such as adding extra paid toppings, elevating the premium sides, or making a meal a combo.

Decreased Wait Times

A very obvious but extremely impactful benefit of self-ordering kiosks is that they speed up the ordering process. With absolutely no doubt (and embarrassment) hungry customers hate to wait in lengthy queues. It is a fact that if the queue is longer than 5 people at a time, 75% of customers would move toward the self-ordering kiosk. Therefore, self-ordering kiosks are even more important for customer sustainability. These kiosks decrease the waiting time of the customers as they can step out of the line and wait. And until the order is ready for pick-up from the designated counter, the next customer in line can place their order too.

By reading the text, you may not realize how significantly fast this process is. It has been shown that implementing kiosks reduces the total order time by approximately 40%. This Ramadan, intend to work hard and not smart by installing self-ordering kiosks in your restaurant. Make life easy for you and your customers.

Enhance Order Accuracy

With the customers placing their orders all by themselves via an automatic machine, naturally, the rate of human error will decrease to a significant rate. OPTIMUM TECHNOLOGY offers a chic-looking kiosk that is ultra-durable with the utmost premium parts. These parts are used to manufacture the product at the most pocket-friendly rates. Because of these, the patrons know exactly what they’re ordering and it prevents the “this is not what I ordered” conversations.

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