Have you ever been to a place having bulletin boards? Aren’t they a sight to see – err unsee? Jam-packed with all sorts of papers and pins, it can cause an attack on an organizing freak.

Or have you come across a bulletin board that is nicely put together, but has ancient stuff on it? Probably the person in charge is no more working there or does not find enough time in hand to update things regularly.

Well, if you are a keen observer, you must have also seen digital bulletin boards.

It will not be wrong to say that digital bulletin boards have taken over every industry. Every organization needs a digital bulletin board regardless of the business and service it offers. Let us take a look at why digital bulletin boards are the current rage.

Some of the key features of a digital bulletin board are: It lets you

  • Update the digital bulletin boards information within minutes
  • Share any combination of news, notices, updates, and information
  • Reduce waste and eliminate the need for printing signage
  • Place digital bulletin in high-traffic areas to get your messages seen
  • Welcome new employees, visitors, and customers


Read on to know more!

What is a digital bulletin board?

The simplest example of a digital bulletin board is a TV screen displaying different food items offered at a restaurant. Isn’t that an innovative way of showing the customers what the restaurant has to offer? This makes it easier to choose what one wants to eat.
Digital bulletin boards are versatile. It is your canvas to show whatever you wish to, of course, depending upon the nature and requirements of your organization.
Since managing and updating information on a digital bulletin board is simple and quick, you can have a myriad of programs or options to display content on it. This is what makes it different from ordinary bulletin boards.

What you can display on a digital bulletin board are:

  • You can display primary forms of notifications
  • you can incorporate engaging videos
  • Add scrolling tickers of text or news, weather updates, local areas traffic maps and social media feeds.
  • Quickly distribute on-the-fly updates to employees
  • Preschedule custom welcome communications
  • Recognize employee achievements and birthdays
  • Spotlight days without accidents and workplace safety
  • Share company news, sports, and stock updates
  • Spotlight memos from the CEO and upper management
  • Add HR updates and required new training materials


Benefits of a digital bulletin board are:

  • You can update the digital bulletin board from any computer
  • You can set a schedule for specific pieces of content to play on particular days and times
  • You can create a clean and organized layout that displays multiple zones of media and text

How can you display content on a digital bulletin board?

Fret not, we are still not near the technical stuff yet. We are just discussing the possible formats of the content that you can display on a digital bulletin board.


Slideshows are perhaps the most popular way to display content on digital boards. you can either choose a full-screen slideshow, or you can set a zone that rotates with the slides. Some examples of the type of content that you can incorporate into your slideshow are, JPEGS, PDF, JPG, PNGS, Videos, and PowerPoint slides.
For an advanced take on it, you can also insert live web URL feeds that rotate through Google Slides and metric dashboards.

Scrolling ticker and news:

Scrolling tickers and news add a constantly updating feature to the digital bulletin board. It is also a sure-shot way of grabbing the attention of anyone passing by—and ensures they take a look at other content on the bulletin board too.

Schedules and Event Listings:

Another smart use of a digital bulletin board is to display daily schedules, meeting listings, and full calendars. If you want to automate the process, you can integrate O365 Calendar, Google Calendar, or Exchange Calendar. This type of integration streamlines the process of showing your events. As you add/update your calendar, it will sync with the digital bulletin board and update it in real time.

YouTube and Videos:

You can incorporate your company’s videos on HD. It can be coverage of an event, a general introduction of your team, clients, and services that you offer. You can even add how-to videos for grabbing the attention of or guiding new customers.
Another witty way of bringing about some fun is adding YouTube videos. They can be anything ranging from motivational stuff to some light comedy.


If you have reached this point of the article, you must now have a complete idea of what a digital bulletin board is all about.
However, we understand it is not easy to handle everything single-handedly. We believe in delegating work to get the best quality results.
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