With the enhancement of technology in today’s realm, OPTIMUM VISION’S video walls are playing a vital role. The best LCD video walls in Pakistan allow you to build virtually seamless video wall matrices, all credit goes to our range of extreme – and ultra-narrow bezel widths that enable the patrons to focus on the content and not the gaps. Moreover, every screen is sequenced by the factory, offering an invariable alignment, brightness, and color right out of the box to portray a consistent visual experience. 



OPTIMUM VISION’S best LCD video wall in Pakistan is a large visualization surface that is manufactured by various LCDs called tiles. Patterns of these individual displays are specifically for use in the applications. Simply put, it has way better quality than conventional TV screens. Whilst our traditional television sets are capable of working for only a few hours a  day, our video walls are designed specifically to work much more hours. Often 24/7 or even several days without a pause. And because the medium in which these video walls are deployed is oftentimes challenging, the up-time should be as maximum as possible. Therefore our manufacturers design the product to make it ultra-narrow and bilateral. 



Many well-known brands have realized the true essence of video walls, and as video walls are becoming more affordable and scalable, many small-scale organizations have also jumped on board, getting aware of how technology can help them be more productive and augment their brand visibility. 


Still, need convincing? Here are 5 major benefits that this outstanding technology will offer your business.

  • Internal and External Communications.

Every allied workspace, control room, or public space has tons and tons of data and information that is required to be forwarded to either the employees, audiences, or customers to grab her attention or trigger a reaction. The reason why we state it as the best LCD video wall in Pakistan is that it helps share information visually in real time with high impact. Along with the high pixels available, they also allow for a combination of information coming from different sources and in different formats. Places, where these video walls are of great use, include:

  • Airports
  • Corporate Lobbies and Break Rooms
  • Corporations and Universities
  • Emergency Centres
  • Security and Transportation Monitoring Centres

  • Easy Configuration and Control

Not all modern technology has to be complex. OPTIMUM VISION’S most cutting-edge video walls in Pakistan simplify the configurations and operation of video walls, providing complete control of what they want to display, where, and how on the video walls; offering an absolutely customizable experience without any programming know-how. 

Pro-tip: collaborating with a content-creating company or a software company may further amplify the visualization experience that you are trying to create, bringing out the best from your video wall investment.

  • Interactivity

While running a firm, always remember that consumers expect smart, engaging interactions from companies in this contemporary technological era. Likewise, employers expect something similar from the employers. 

With the help of these inventive video walls, consumers can be engaged with employers with outstanding graphics. Moreover, the touch-screen factor brings a whole other level of engagement where pictures and/or information are brought upon the touch of the screen or a portion of the screen

  • Reliability and First Impressions

It is very rightfully said, “you never get a second chance to make a great first impression”. Have you ever stepped into a company and noticed that the video walls were malfunctioning or just off? Typically such an incident is likely due to the inadequacy of the video wall processor powering the video wall. On the contrary, the appropriate video wall processor will not only provide reliability and security, it will also provide increased performance and usability. 

  • Increased Flexibility, Scalability, and Creativity.

Installing our fantastic and most reliable video walls in Pakistan allows ever-changing content such as promotions, graphics, news, dashboards, and any other information, to be conveniently managed, changed, and controlled. Video walls can grow in size, without having to replace displays, but simply by summing more units to boost your canvas size. 


These state-of-the-art LCD video walls in Pakistan give companies extraordinary versatility in their functionality. 




If you don’t have enough knowledge about this leading technology, here we explore some of the most considerable features of the most versatile LCD video walls in Pakistan:

  • Narrow bezel width
  • 24/7 Usage
  • Front maintenance
  • Operating System
  • Various walls display sizes
  • Multiple inputs
  • Multiple configurations
  • Intelligent split screen
  • Built-in mosaic controller
  • Automatic and color brightness
  • 3-processing kernel
  • Automatic switch machine
  • Eco-friendly power timer



Optimum vision is making its place firmly in the world of technologies that aim to engage customers in an unforgettable experience. One reason that truly is the game-changer for us is that we trust in effective and unique experiences that leave long-lasting brand impressions and are reflected in the brand recall of our customers. 


We have a keen eye for detail and our results are quality-oriented not quantity oriented. From floors to walls to cabinets, we have developed applications that attract consumers by opening a world that they can explore, well, your world that is!


  • Can an LCD video wall be used for outdoor applications?

Since video walls are becoming a popular way to convey information, tell a story, and engage an audience with multimedia presentations. Not only can they be used indoors but they can also go outdoors on an even bigger canvas. 

  • How does an LCD video wall work?

It is a muti-display wall that is created by amalgamating multiple screens together to display a larger image or windows of multiple images. 

  • Where can one find affordable and finest LCD video walls in Pakistan?

OPTIMUM VISION is no doubt the leading company offering the best video wall in Pakistan. The finest quality product is handed over to the customer and that too at the lowest video wall price in Pakistan. The affordable price enables big businesses or even small businesses to experience the magic shown by the best LCD video walls in Pakistan.