About Us

About Us

Founder's Message

“Excellence never happens by accident, it’s always the product of heartfelt efforts, wise planning, and flawless execution.”

Optimum Vision focuses on a dynamic approach. We have a keen eye for detail and our products are quality oriented. All these years optimum has built a level of trust with their reputed customers and has formulated an experienced team of hardworking individuals. The reason for our success is because we have developed applications that attract customers.

Khawer Mahmood

Chairman's Message

In the decade long journey, his insight about business analytics has been critical in positioning New Horizon among the top IT Solutions provider in Pakistan. With his deep understanding of the business subject and extensive knowledge, he is one of the best assets of New Horizon.

Mr. Hanif Khiraj’s primary objective is to propagate and disseminate IT throughout the masses and contribute in modernizing the country’s infrastructure through induction of advanced Information Technology tools in every market segment across Pakistan. As a founder of New Horizon, his diligent efforts and dynamic leadership has led New Horizon to new heights of success within a short span of time. With several years of professional experience, he has been part of many official delegations representing New Horizon in and outside Pakistan to various countries and forums and he is a firm believer of IT promotion in Pakistan.

Mr. Hanif Khiraj

Our Leadership

Raheem Eqbal

Raheem Eqbal

Chief Executive Officer

Qaiser Sarwar

Chief Operating Officer

Farooq Barkat CFO

Farooq Barkat

Chief Financial Officer

Syed Sajid Ali

Chief Commercial Officer

Our Team

Abbas Ali

General Manager Accounts

Hassan Ukasha

Manager Sales and Marketing

Hateef Ijaz

Director Sales-North

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