Control Room 2022

Control Room 2022

Mission Critical Performance While Lowering Your Deployment Costs

A Control Room functions as a centralized space within industrial markets where production control can be monitored and governed.

Control rooms and command centers exist to ensure the operation of critical infrastructures. From mission control at SUPARCO, to a city’s transportation system, to a communications service provider, the control room supports a team of experts who are constantly monitoring the data coming from their networks, ensuring their system’s up-time is maximized.

Optimum’s video is wall more than just the organization’s showpiece or a large, fancy display—it is much more than just “aesthetically pleasing”.
The primary purpose of the video wall in a control room is to provide domain experts (operators or control room users) with true situational awareness and a common operating picture where information from real-time sources such as computers, video, networked applications, CCTV or security cameras, etc., may be simultaneously shown and shared. This enables and promotes informed decision making on a unified level which is always important for mission-critical operations especially in today’s fast-paced organizations and industry including:

Control rooms are typically found in installations such as:

  • Nuclear power plants and other power-generating stations
  • Airports / Space Stations
  • Major transportation facilities
  • Various military facilities
  • Computerized data centers
  • Network operations centers
  • Large institutions
  • Emergency services
  • Call centers

Feature Summary

  • Display your information as clear, crisp, vivid HD video images
  • Quality construction
  • Video wall only 8” deep including mount
  • Scalable, we can create a video wall to meet your space requirements
  • Easy to operate with our digital signage software suite
  • Mount to any wall or floor or make it portable
  • Onsite installation and training
  • Superior service and support
  • Each video wall is color balanced in our shop prior to shipment