Interactive Solutions

Interactive Solutions


Immersive Products have become the main course of all types of advertising, Learning fun and play. No matter what you to do meet the ends, you must have seen Immersive Products in some form or the other. In most cases you may have also interacted with these types of products. Technological advancement has made interactive projections possible which to our understanding will be the future of advertising and gaming.

Many techniques have already been created by various manufacturers and advertisers and these products have left all the audience mesmerized and interactively entertained. Interactive wall projects and Interactive wall projects and 3D projections on any type of architecture are perhaps the most famous and most carried out interactive projections around the world but steadily another type of interactive projection the interactive floor projection is taking to the fore with its ability to create an engaging and fun filled environment.


Here are some of the ways that Interactive Projection Floors can engage and benefit:

  • Attract visitors
  • Generate more sales
  • Easy installation
  • Best for Malls, Exhibitions, events, schools
  • Interact users
  • Boost your show
Interactive Solution
  • 3D interactive games are said to increase the motor skills of children to a great extent
    as well as their responsiveness to situations.
  • Interactive Floor displays can surprise and educate students, turning data and information into all sorts of images which demand attention
    and also arouse interest.
  • Interactive floors can be fun, exciting and engaging for children. They enrich their sensory learning experiences. The responsiveness of the
    systems enables students of all ages to easily interact with the system resulting in real-time audio-visual experiences.



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