Interactive Floor Projection

Interactive Floor Projection


Interactive floor projections can be understood as interactive projections which transform any type of floor into an interactive surface for all audiences who can engage interact and entertain themselves with the images characters project on the floor. Interactive floors are a cool part of gaming arenas sports fields and advertising houses.

For all wondering how interactive floor projection works Well for make interactive floors multi media projectors are used to project the various images characters objects and patterns from above. Also infrared lights and cameras are installed on the ceiling to capture the movement on the projected axrea so when a person moves on the projection, the floor projections move in response to the movement and alter shape and graphics to make the floor interactive for the user.

The best part floor projections i s that besides engaging an individual the interactive floor is also capable of allowing multiple people to interact with the projection This makes interactive floor projections an ideal technological advancement in games and sports Players can practice and interact with other players in a virtual environment by projecting the field or scene for the sport or game of their choice.

Where to use

  • Unique way to Attract visitors
  • Engage Users
  • Increase Sales
  • Best for kids activities