Quick Service Restaurant

Quick Service Restaurant


Digital signage is making a huge impact on the way companies present themselves and do business. In recent years, this innovative and game-changing method of establishing brand recognition has infiltrated the restaurant industry. More and more fast-food chains, in particular, are embracing the infinite benefits of switching from the traditional, static menu boards to their more modern and easy to manage digital counterparts.

Optimum’s Digital Menu Board is an engaging communication tool used to boost sales, improve the customer experience and create a livelier environment. It can be used in many eateries including fast-food, restaurant, fine dining, and more.

Did you know that 74% of customers say an easy to read the menu is their top priority?

Modernizing your restaurant with digital menu boards is a trendy way to successfully capture, engage, and upsell customers.

Digitizing your offerings provides a convenient and affordable alternative to static menus and enhances the overall ambiance of your restaurant. Optimum’s digital menu boards for restaurants provide a smoother ordering process for guests. Showcasing your tasty food items, drinks, add-ons, and promotions with eye-catching visuals encourages your guests to make a quick decision and reduces perceived wait times. Customers arrive at the register knowing exactly what they want to order, which streamlines your operations.

Benefits of Digital Menu Boards

  • A Digital Menu is Worth a Thousand Bites
  • Automate Display Based on Time, Season & Audience
  • Centralize Control & Cut-Out Errors
  • Reduce Perceived Wait Times & Enhance Customer Experience
  • Maintain Brand Consistency
  • Maximize Marketing Return-on-Investment
  • Support the Local Community
  • Save Time by Maintaining a Digital Menu
  • Spend Less with a Digital Menu
  • Digital Menus Create a More Memorable Customer Experience

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