Dual Poster/Standee

Dual Poster/Standee


Display Type: Indoor
Resolution: 1920×1080
Connectivity: Ethernet & Wifi
Brightness: 2500/700 nits
Operation Hours: 24/7
Audio: Built-in-Speaker
Avaiable Size: 55 inches
Content: Images, Videos,  Applications

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Dual Digital Poster

An ultra slim body, metal base and aluminum alloy frame. BOE’s digital signage solutions are simple and clean. They feature high quality functions like multicast and video-on-demand. Any position on the display can be selected and freely displayed in any format.

The image quality of BOE’s digital signage displays is fantastic. Colors are bright and images high in contrast and vivid. The flexibility of these displays allows them to be used in digital signage solution in different environments. The smart dimming function makes sure the display is automatically adjusted based on the ambient light.

The wide viewing angles of 178 degrees give a wonderful viewing experience. The system can be managed remotely and in real-time via the embedded Linux OS.


  • Image de-noising technology
  • Smart volume control technology
  • ADSDS panel
  • Super-wide viewing angle
  • High transmittance
  • UHS moving picture processing