SMD LED Digital Poster

SMD LED Digital Poster

SMD Digital Poster

Display Type: SMD LED
Connectivity: Ethernet & Wifi
Brightness: Up-to 700 m2
Operation hours: 24/7 Operation
Audio: External Speaker Support
Available Size: Flexible sizing available
Content: Images, Videos,  Applications
Customization: Fixed Structure


Digital displays capture 400% more attention than static displays. Our screens enable branding and enhancements to your marketing campaigns. Our HD, plug and play, cross platform operated iPoster is suitable for even the brightest occasions. The content can be refreshed and stored in a built-in media player through WIFI or USB to achieve asynchronous play.

With Optimum’s LED Poster (iPoster) every detail is carefully thought through.

The screen size is approximately 1900mm x 600mm (74.8” high by 23.6” wide) and is viewable from a distance of 30 meters or about.

Whether you create a multi-screen cascade or just use a single iPoster, it provides a magnificent visual experience. It has a high refresh rate of 2880Hz and a brightness of 1200 NIT which is over 3 times brighter than a normal an LCD display. And the 160° viewing angle maintains realistic color reproduction even when looking from the sides.

The operation is easy. It can be controlled by a computer, WIFI, or USB connection. You can update and save the content on the display from your phone in seconds.

The Optimum’s LED Poster is versatile and can be used anywhere – You can hang it, base-stand it, bracket-stand it, or wall-mount it. From convention centers to meeting rooms, it’s slim and attractive design is bound to impress any audience.


Led Poster (iPoster) Digital poster Slim appearance, attractive display

Images are eye-catching, even from long distances

Providing a magnificent visual experience

Every detail is carefully thought through in the design process.

Convention centers, shopping malls, meeting rooms, command & control centers, airports, gas stations, supermarkets, clubs and restaurants.

Suitable for hanging, wall-mounted, base-standing, bracket standing and creative installation.

Benefits of digital totem/kiosk signage include:

  • Eye-catching, energy-efficient advertising delivered close to the point of sale
  • Flexible, dynamic and real-time content
  • Reduced labour costs with simple access-as-needed technology
  • Extended customer reach

A powerful all-inclusive indoor/outdoor signage solution featuring an embedded power box