Interactive Wall & Floor

Interactive Wall & Floor

Interactive Wall and Floor

The Optimum’s interactive projection system provides fun, exciting and engaging sensory learning experiences. The images projected by this highly visual and intuitive system respond to the smallest gesture or movement, enabling students to easily interact and engage in stimulating audio-visual experiences.

The system helps promote inclusive practices in education by engaging students of all ages and abilities; whether it is students with PMLD learning through cause and effect or mainstream 16+ learning how to create their own interactive applications, Optimum offers scope for all.

Optimum supply the software with over 300 pre-set applications grouped into; Explore, Play, Festive, Education and Themes. These are arranged over 3 difficulty levels using 5 of the 18 currently available templates. Each template produces a different type of effect when interacted with.

As well as Optimum has the World’s easiest and most affordable way for users to create their own interactive floor and wall displays. LumoPlay are now the most popular software choice for interactive projection installations worldwide. Designed for both business and education with simple, patented design tools, LumoPlay design promotional, educational, entertaining, and affordable interactive games with functionality for users to design their own interactive projection environments using their own artwork and imaginations.

  • Stimulating, motivating and empowering
  • Encourages movement, teamwork and communication
  • Immersive and wholly inclusive
  • Ideal for ‘play and learn’
  • Very easy content editing and creation
  • Supplied with 5 fully customizable templates (Wipe, Water, Splat, Tunes, Scatter)
  • Additional 13 templates are available (Catch, Smash, Hunt, Tiles, Trail, Sort, Whack, Basketball, Football, Double splat, Swap, Cracks and EyeListen)