Broadcast Industry

Broadcast Industry

Adding A Video Wall To Your Studio?

Video walls have taken the broadcast industry by storm, and there’s no question why. When leveraged to their fullest potential, these systems can create breathtaking in-studio productions, boost audience engagement, and drive viewership for broadcasters of all sizes.

However, selecting the ideal video wall solution can be challenging, so Optimum is here to assist Broadcasters about number of factors, from preferred display technologies to processing to integration.

Optimum’s video walls solution provide high brightness and contrast ratios to meet the demands of today’s modern broadcast control rooms and production studios.

  • Performance— Optimum video wall products have been painstakingly engineered to provide the best possible image quality from the first day they are installed.
  • Quality— Optimum dedication to quality is paramount in our business, from engineering to system integration, to achieve the highest quality and reliability in the industry.
  • Value— Along with providing a low Total Cost of Ownership, we are committed to ensuring that you never have to worry about your display wall’s performance so you can focus on the critical tasks you face on a daily basis.

Feature Summary

  • Display your information as clear, crisp, vivid HD video images
  • Quality construction
  • Video wall only 8” deep including mount
  • Scalable, we can create a video wall to meet your space requirements
  • Easy to operate with our digital signage software suite
  • Mount to any wall or floor or make it portable
  • Onsite installation and training
  • Superior service and support
Broadcast Industry