Meeting Room

Meeting Room

Video Wall for Conference Room, Meeting Hall and Boardroom

Productive meetings depend on the effective sharing of information and ease of collaboration. Information comes from many sources documents, presentations, live data and the internet all play a role in today’s meetings. Working effectively means being able to bring all this information together effortlessly in a single display workspace.

In conference halls and meeting rooms, Optimum’s Video walls create a spectacular backdrop with high picture quality and edge-to-edge display that can cover the entire length of the stage. It has narrow pixel pitch, which delivers excellent picture quality even at close range, which is vital for an indoor video wall. You get excellent return on investment (ROI) as these high quality video walls come with 100,000 hours of service life.

Optimum fully understands these meeting room environments and is expanding its presence in business meeting rooms by making each solution easier to use and manage, using more durable and reliable displays. Optimum’s LCD video walls deliver unparalleled brightness, precision, and visual performance.

Feature Summary

  • Display your information as clear, crisp, vivid HD video images
  • Quality construction
  • Video wall only 8” deep including mount
  • Scalable, we can create a video wall to meet your space requirements
  • Easy to operate with our digital signage software suite
  • Mount to any wall or floor or make it portable
  • Onsite installation and training
  • Superior service and support
  • Each video wall is color balanced in our shop prior to shipment
Meeting Rooms