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Building Facades

LED Media Facade

For years, signs have appeared on building walls and roofs. More recently, vinyl wraps have scaled alpine height as they cover building walls. Now, LED video screens can completely cover building facades and present kaleidoscopic images that dance across the building. Built as part of the building’s cladding, or “skin”, dynamic video acreens have given architects a new theme that enables them to “display” building’s corporate identities on a large scope.

Video screen cladding is a victory for both architects and advertisers. LED’s flexibility almost pre-ordained their architectural surface application. Also, programmable light and video shows, which represent tenants on their own building facades, answer their deepest advertising needs. Even building owners benefit from additional revenue and acclaim as a tourist destination.

Optimum is providing customized LED media façade products.

LED Media façade is an innovative solution for architectural lighting & decorating. It is an unconventional way to decorate building facades, which can show various changing color, images and dynamic animations. What’s more, it is also used as medium of advertising to attract viewers.

Feature Summary

  • The SMD LED display has a wider viewing angle of over 160 degrees.
  • The SMD LED display achieves better brightness matching.
  • The SMD LED display provide better light mixture.
  • The SMD LED display has high contrast
  • The SMD 3-in-1 LED is smaller in size, and accordingly, the light-emitting area is smaller, so the black area is larger. This helps improve the contrast ratio of the display.
  • The SMD LED display has better color uniformity.
  • The wave width of the red, green and blue colors is less than 5 nm, and wave length of each color is a normal distribution.
  • The use of new PPA material and silica gel material makes it possible for the display to reach IP67 waterproof, dustproof requirements and level-3 moisture-proof standards.