Retail Industry

Retail Industry

Led Videowall In Retail Industry

In the 21st century, people’s life is totally inseparable from large-screen display. By using the marketing system of led display screen, various merchants accurately convey product information to the public, especially in the garment industry, which is developing with high-profile elements of “trend, fashion + technology”, it is becoming increasingly obvious that information technology will be integrated into garment marketing trend.

LED video walls have several advantages over LCD video displays, including less visible bezels in larger arrays and better visibility in outdoor applications. The downside is, they are consistently more expensive. But, in our observation, the price is starting to come down. Of course, price shouldn’t be your only consideration but it does matter. And if an LED display is the better solution for you, cost is becoming less of a barrier.

The LED Videowall from Optimum represents a rapidly growing trend in the retail industry towards brand experiences. Brands want to create interactive spaces for consumers to engage with their products, establishing a deeper emotional connection between the customers and the brands.

Feature Summary

  • The SMD LED display has a wider viewing angle of over 160 degrees.
  • The SMD LED display achieves better brightness matching.
  • The SMD LED display provide better light mixture.
  • The SMD LED display has high contrast
  • The SMD 3-in-1 LED is smaller in size, and accordingly, the light-emitting area is smaller, so the black area is larger. This helps improve the contrast ratio of the display.
  • The SMD LED display has better color uniformity.
  • The wave width of the red, green and blue colors is less than 5 nm, and wave length of each color is a normal distribution.
  • The use of new PPA material and silica gel material makes it possible for the display to reach IP67 waterproof, dustproof requirements and level-3 moisture-proof standards.
Retail Industry