White Board Application

White Board Application

Interactive Whiteboard Application

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As the boundaries of corporate and government environments expand beyond local boundaries to become more globally connected, the sharing of ideas and collaboration through networks and devices has become increasingly essential. Vital information must be easily accessible to varying audiences at all times. To optimize these internal and external interactions, organizations and IT departments need intuitive meeting room solutions to effectively support collaboration, agility and customer engagement.

By delivering a flexible and complete offering, Samsung’s MagicIWB (Interactive White Board) content management software for Samsung’s SMART Signage IWBs revolutionizes presentation engagement and efficiency by transforming traditional meetings into dynamic experiences. Featuring an interactive touchscreen, MagicIWB delivers highly readable, full high-definition (FHD) quality content that commands viewer attention and provides multiple users with direct access to rich content.

  • Draw on Any Content Source: The IWB software enables users to draw on any selected content source that appears on the display’s touchscreen surface. Even when external content is displayed in a Picture-in-Picture (PiP) window, users can draw on the PiP content. This enhanced usability ensures critical discussion points can be reinforced on screen, making presentations more dynamic and productive.
  • Browse and View Contents: The MagicIWB S2’s Content Browser allows image, audio, video and document files to be easily accessed from internal and external storage sources. For streamlined collaboration before, during and after discussion, the History Browser also supports the location of previously-used content, such as meeting templates, for later reuse.
  • Capture, Store and Share Contents: Users can share content, including images, with other participant’s MagicIWB Agent-enabled portable devices. Users also can open files on the IWB display from participants,supplement presentations with those files and share those files with a broader group. Separately, the software’s screen capture button offers a hassle-free method for instantly capturing meeting notes. Once captured, the meeting notes can be easily emailed with an email function.
  • Floating Menu: All of the essential functions of Samsung’s IWB display, including the eraser and drawing tools, can be found in the MagicIWB S2’s Floating Menu. For added convenience, the Floating Menu can be positioned virtually anywhere on the display screen.