Custom Kiosk

Custom Kiosk

Custom Kiosk

Display Type: Touch Screen
Resolution: FHD / UHD
Connectivity: Ethernet & Wifi
Brightness: up to 700 nits
Operation hours: 24/7
Audio: Built-in-Speaker
Available Size: 21, 32, 42, 55, 65 & 75 inches
Content: Images, Videos, Applications
Customization Color, Shape and Material (Stainless steel, M/S Steel, Aluminum, Korian and MDF)

Optimum's Custom Design Kiosk

The multi-touch kiosks are large format portable touch screens that can easily be placed into any environment, allowing passersby, visitors or potential clients to interact with a website, a game or any interactive software designed to communicate a message. It’s also a great tool for work and entertainment.

Optimum’s eye-catching, innovative design Kiosk that make people want to interact. We do not use Boring boxes that people walk past without a second thought. How we do it: We use accredited product designers to design our solutions as opposed to mechanical engineers. Optimum’ Designer is free to design to suit the kiosk deployer’s needs as opposed to the kiosk fabricator’s production capabilities.

This results in more eye-catching, unique and cost-competitive solutions than fabrication firms who rely on their sheet-metal engineers to design their products.


  • Innovative smart design, elegant looking; anti-corrosion power coating
  • Ergonomically and compact structure, user friendly, easy for maintenance
  • Anti-vandalism, water-proof, dust-proof, high safety performance
  • Rugged steel frame and long hours running, high precision, high stability reliability
  • Different size screen industrial touch screen kiosk
  • 1.5mm robust cold rolled steel kiosk cabinet
  • customize modern design: silk print LOGO
  • Ideal for advertising, information, digital signature kiosk applications