Classical Series

Classical Series

Classical Series

Display Type: Touch Screen
Resolution: FHD / UHD
Connectivity: Ethernet & Wifi
Brightness: up to 700 nits
Operation hours: 24/7
Audio: Built-in-Speaker
Available Size: 32, 42, 55 and 65 inches
Content: Images, Videos, Applications
Customization Color, Shape and Material (Stainless steel, M/S Steel, Aluminum, Korian and MDF)


Visualize processes and products, play with possibilities and create interest with multi touch tables.

Impress your clients with modern multi touch tables

Optimum’s Multi touch tables are an innovative platform to engage with customers and guests at eye level at trade fairs, product presentations in show rooms or events.

A multi touch table is usually a flat-lying, table-shape touch display. Depending on application it can be used as a multi user system, meaning that several people can work on it independently.

That way several people can visualize processes or products at the same time or work together on a common project.

Our standard Touch Table model comes with an electrically height-adjustable 32″ to 55″ UHD display.
Use the advantages of multi touch tables – we are happy to individually show you the possibilites.

Optimum also manufactures multi touch tables with individual designs. The following features can be considered:

  • Any desired LCD screen diagonal
  • Branding and CI (illuminated logo)
  • Full HD (higher brightness) or UHD / 4k (higher resolution)
  • Individual color scheme and material (e.g. wraparound document tray made of Korean)
  • touch technology PCAP or infrared, number of simultaneous touch points
  • integrated or external PC
  • base fitted with wheels
  • external interfaces
  • loudspeaker system
  • inclinable table top (electric or mechanic) for a truly universal display solution
  • Very good fire safety characteristics (low fire load, housing from metal and glass)
Multi Touch Table