SMD LED Video Wall

SMD LED Video Wall


SMD LED Video Wall Technology is becoming an increasingly popular solution due to its seamless image, scalability to any size, transforming into any shape and excellent optical characteristics. With advanced Technology and design innovation, Optimum SMD LED solutions to meet the needs of all requirements. Bezel-less design of SMD LED Panels makes Video Wall content look great from any angle.

Optimum Technology offers SMD LED solutions for Indoor, Outdoor & Semi-outdoor usage, as well as conventional display and creative applications, makes it most versatile LED display system on the market.

This versatility enables to achieve the wide range of applications and settings both indoor and outdoor.

The use of SMD LED display technology enables wide viewing angles and great uniformity even at short viewing distances.


An LED is Light Emitting Diode which is a semiconductor component that only lets current pass in one direction. If forward current is applied, the LED will emit light, dependent on the semiconductor material and doping i.e. the inclusion of “Foreign Atoms”.



SMD is Surface Mounted Device. The LED is soldered directly onto the PCB. In contrast to assembly with “wired components”, SMD technology requires less space and improves the thermal connection.



Based on same power consumption, SMD LED produces the highest brightness among other types of LED packages such as COB, MCOB and High Power LED’s. SMD LED, its luminous principle is the current through the compound semiconductor, through a combination of electrons and holes, excess energy will be released as light to glowing effect.


  • Zero Bezel Display
  • High Refresh Rate: 1920 Hz
  • Ultra High C/R(Contrast ratio)
  • Optimal Viewing angle
  • Environment friendly
  • Easy installation
  • Certified



View Series


View Series


1. Flexibility through modularity

Modular concept guarantees optimal flexibility and seamless pictures. State-of-the-art mechanical design allows servicing of the modules from the back as well as the front of the display.


2. Reliability

Remote monitoring and Hot Swapping of tiles during performance to ensure maximum reliability and minimum time to repair


3. Ultra-high resolution

optimum SMD LED Video Wall offers ultra-high resolution and high fill factor provides shorter viewing distance, smoother picture and unique performance.


4. Lifetime color compatibility

Lifetime color compatibility with future SMD LED panels from the same brand and FREE unique software upgrade path ensure optimal performance over time


5. Optimal viewing angles

Our SMD LED Video Wall provides optimal picture quality from all viewing angles and under all ambient light conditions


6. True color reproduction

Our SMD LED is engineered with Reproduction technologies which offer accurate color rendering throughout the lifetime of the display and self-adjusting image uniformity across time


7. Authentic video quality

Our SMD LED Video wall hardware has Leading-edge technology implemented which distributes Video signals for processing inside each individual Panel. This delivers perfect video and PC data performance over the entire display regardless of size,shape or resolution


8. High brightness

Our SMD LED hardware & related software has advantage of Down-sampling, a resizing technique sometimes also known as resampling which basically uses software algorithms to reduce pixel dimensions. Down-sampling has a lot of advantages because it effectively reduces noise in images and hides those slight focusing error


  • Retail Outlets

  • Entertainment

  • Rentals

  • Hospitals

  • Airport

  • corporate

  • Religion

  • Sports

  • Control Room

  • Shopping Malls

  • Cafeteria

  • Banks

  • Restaurants

  • Meeting Room