The closest wall mounted indoor LED video display, makes your dinner hall alive

The closest wall mounted indoor design, the first catwalk free solution, front installation available; Vivid video performance, first option for dinner halls, meeting rooms, TV studios & etc.

K3 picture 2
HD perfect display performance, expressive watching experience

Pixel pitch is 3.9mm, focus on the color resolution, gray scale, refresh rate, match any indoor surroundings.

Low brightness with high gray scale

20% brightness still keeps a good gray scale performance.</9>

Ultra thin design, saving your installation cost

The thickness is only 77mm, weight is only 15kg, 20% less than the traditional LED display, saving your delivery cost and installation cost.

Magnet module design, makes front servicing convenient

With a tool insert the maintenance hole to pull the module, 3 seconds can be finished, safe and convenient; Module, power supply, receiving card front servicing available.

Front installation design, catwalk space free

Whole LED screen can be installed in front, the first catwalk free solution, the display can be close mounted into the wall. The whole screen (including the frame) thickness is only 150mm.



Usage Indoor
Pixel Pitch 3.9
Resolution 256 x 128 (16:9)
Brightness 1000 nits
Refresh Rate 1920 Hz
Contrast ratio 3500:1
Panel Dimensions 1000 x 500 x 106 mm
Power Consumption Max./Avg. 480/195 W/m2

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